About Presec

The Presbyterian Boys’ Secondary School (popularly referred to as PRESEC) is a prestigious all-male public academic institution founded in 1938. It was originally located at Odumase – Krobo in the Eastern Region of Ghana and moved to its current location at Legon (05°39′48″N 0°10′28″W) in 1968. It was started as a secondary school for boys by the Presbyterian Church of Ghana.

The school currently has a student population of about 2,700 and a faculty number of about 140. Students of the school are referred to as PRESECANS and an old boy is known as an Ɔdadeɛ.

PRESEC is the leading secondary school in Ghana. It regularly had one of the best GCE O – level and A – level results prior to the change of the national examination system to BECE and SSSCE. Even after the switch to the Senior Secondary School system, PRESEC has dominated the annual national awards with outstanding performances by its students. The graduates of this institution regularly gain admission to the most competitive courses in the various universities.

The school’s crest has a shield with the Presbyterian Symbol (the St Andrew Cross-Scottish flag with the Swiss Flag embedded and a burning torch in the middle) with the motto of the school ‘In Lumine Tuo Videbimus Lumen’ meaning ‘In Thy Light We Shall See Light’ scrolled beneath.

The school’s anthem is ‘Happy Are We’ written by J.L. Anang